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  1. Good Hydraulic Brake Light Switch?

    Street Tarders
    Hello, I've been lurking for months and ride a converted '06 WR450F that I got back in mid-October. The homemade lighting harness shorted and burned out in November, and I replaced it with the DRC harness kit (with a few modifications to suit my needs). My lights all worked, but the original...
  2. '10 WR250x ~Project Lanbron~

    Project Builds Showcase
    2010 Yamaha WR250X Brand new, had 16 miles on it. No real plans when I picked it up.. Wasted no time getting rid of the stupid fender.. DRC Edge Tail and Flashers; Smoke lenses Before is on tire. Just got a text that a large box has arrived in the mail...I will post up later...