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  1. Anyone racing or setup a 17/18 Honda CRF450R

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey all, I'm looking for some help setting up a new Honda. I raced an 09 successfully most of the season and hoped that I could get on a new bike and up to speed with similar ease. The 09 I have been racing has factory connection SM suspension and 10mm clamps. It feels solid like it's on a track...
  2. anyone have the 2012 crf450r manual or service manual PDF

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I just bought a 2012 crf450r and the owner did not include a manual. I was wondering if anyone had a pdf version since all the ones online dont actually match the bikes engine.
  3. Another (2011) CRF450R Supermoto build!

    Project Builds Showcase
    Whats going on everyone? I recently decided to get rid of my DRZ400SM and build something with a little more balls! I picked up a 2011 CRF450R up for pretty good price and decided to make it street legal and set it up for supermoto track! Here is what she looked like when I first got her...
  4. Ca Street Legal CRF450R : How I Did It

    Street Tarders
    I have been a forum lurker for a while now and have been doing a ton of research on how to get my 2004 CRF450R California street legal. Well today i finished my last visit to the DMV and now have valid registration/plates for my CRF450R. I started this build in June just after school got out and...
  5. 07 CRF450R problems.

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Yesterday I went out riding off road with some buddies with my recently purchased 07 CRF450R SM with a street title. Mostly hard dirt, sand, mud. Had some Pirelli Diablo Rosso ii's on and they worked pretty good off road. My bike starts right up when its cold. But when its hot it wont start by...
  6. Wanted - 2008 CRF450R Marchesini Supermoto wheels or Alpina's

    Looking for a set of Marchesini Supermoto wheels for my 2008 CRF450R or a set of Alpinas as well. Let me know if anyone wants to part with them.....
  7. Project Cherie WRF250X Combining Yamaha & Honda

    Project Builds Showcase
    The aim of this project is to have a Supermoto setup dirtbike that I could ride daily and have that "Fun" factor. It all started with a Frame. I got a good deal from ebay for a 2003 CRF450R Frame. and also the fuel tank. At this time I have no idea on what engine to use for this build. After...
  8. Finally got plates on my '11 CRF450R!

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Here's my baby! Just got the plates on her a couple weeks ago. :D Suter Slipper Clutch Suter Swingarm FMF 4.1 RCT Exhaust w/ Titanium Megabomb Header 17" Marchesini's (16.5" & 17" fronts, 17 x 5" & 5.5" rears) Beringer 6 Pot Caliper Beringer Master Cylinder Beringer Cast Iron Floating 310mm...
  9. 450 SM project

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hey guys, i've been following the forum for a while. lost access to my old account so made another one. Finally got my hands on the bike i've been in love with for a while. Now trying to get it on the street but still unsure about all the paperwork mess. I've read endless posts and discussions...
  10. Clean CA licensed 2002 CRF450R NorCal

    2002 CRF450R with a current CA license plate Extremely low hours for a 10 year old bike, super clean. This is no beater. My goal was to make a second, aggressive back up bike for the trail riding I do. I have owned the bike for several years, and have been slowly putting money into it as I...
  11. Hi!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hi to all, I'm the next new guy here and thought it'd be best to start with an introduction. I'm living in Tokyo and motorcycles are both a hobby and necessity to me, especially in a crowded city like that. I do like the convenience of the subway but it's definitely more expensive in the long...
  12. Stator for crf

    Street Tarders
    Probably a million of these threads, sorry. I have most parts needed, I think I just need the regulator and the stator itself. What size do I get, 70w, 90w, 100w? I need it cheap where do you guys get yours?
  13. 2011 CRF450R Dual Sport?

    Street Tarders
    Hi all, Does anyone here have a '09+ CRF450R plated? I heard somewhere that the EFI bikes have problems when lighting kits are put on them. I'm trying to find someone with experience with this issue to talk to. Is this true, and is there a way to work around it? Thanks! -Mitch
  14. Street Legal CRF450R Build

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hey guys, this is my first post... been a lurker for a while now and now that my build is finally getting close to being usable soon, so i thought I'd start a thread now and have it be active as opposed to a long lived and barely living thread. So after graduating high school, my dad sold my...
  15. CRF 450 Project

    Street Tarders
    Been building a street legal 450R over the winter, spring, and summer. Decided to finally start this thread for all the pics I have of the build progress and a bunch of parts that were purchased along the way. Enjoy.
  16. Wanted: CRF 450 Dirt Wheels

    I'm looking to buy a rear dirt wheel for a 2004 CRF 450. It must be true and straight. I'll buy a front and rear set for a good price. Don't care if it has tires or not. Thanks!
  17. '08 CRF 450R Supermoto For Sale trade Ohio street title

    I have a fresh built '08 450R. This bike started as a very low hour, never raced 450. Every part on the conversion is brand new including Excel rims, Talon ultralight hubs (nickel plated)tires are maxxis track tires(not street leagl but work nice on the street), EBC brake kit, DID Gold X-ring...
  18. 02’ and 03’ CRF450R complete part out. Daytona Beach, FL

    Bike Parts
    I’m parting out my 2002 CRF450R and 2003 CRF450R to fund my recently purchased KTM. I was told the bike had approx 20-30hrs on it when I bought it and that a Honda certified mechanic owned it previously. I bought it with the intention of making it street legal, which never happened. I spent...