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  1. WTB 2009 crf45 frame with street title

    Want to buy '09 crf450 frame with street title contact James at 754-204-6212
  2. Greetings from norway !

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello, im new to the forum. Im norwegian, i live in a small town, and theres no race tracks close by, so i havent done any supermoto racing yet. so i stick to goon riding, I have fun where i can have fun, and with a supermotard theres no limits :clap: I have a husaberg FS650 2007 street legal...
  3. Xr400 fork swap advice

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Was thinking about converting to crf450 forks. Can anyone help me with every part I would need to complete the swap and which year parts would be best. I have a 2003 xr400. Thanks :D
  4. Kush Drive or Tubeless Rims?

    Street Tarders
    Not ready to purchase just yet - but need advice on which direction to go. Ok, so I have done a bit of research and it seems a kush drive would be useful on the street for my '04 CRF450R. I know it is not critical, but most advice says that it couldn't hurt and I figure it has to increase the...
  5. rear caliper xr650r/crf

    hey does anyone know weather the crf rear caliper will fit on the xr650r thanks
  6. 2011 CRF450R Dual Sport?

    Street Tarders
    Hi all, Does anyone here have a '09+ CRF450R plated? I heard somewhere that the EFI bikes have problems when lighting kits are put on them. I'm trying to find someone with experience with this issue to talk to. Is this true, and is there a way to work around it? Thanks! -Mitch
  7. Full delux Supermoto conversion kit for CRF450 and other bikes

    Bike Parts
    My good friend Mike purchased the below Supermoto conversion kit for his 2006 CRF450. He ran into some trouble getting the bike converted and registered for street use here in CT and after recently getting married decided to drop the plan to tard his bike. I have the kit in my possession and...
  8. Need new battery for my CRF450 -- Anyone running AGM (Glass Mat) Batteries?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Anyone running AGM batteries in their bikes? My CRF battery has crapped out and I need to buy a replacement. Looking into the glass mat AGM batteries - hear they're better, more reliable. I've found they range from $40-$110.. Any review on these? Does quality come with price? Which brand would...
  9. Wanted: CRF 450R Front Hub, something to fit 2007. (Colorado Springs)

    Looking for a used, stock is fine CRF 450R Front Hub that will fit a 2007 Model. Trying to salvage an Ebay deal gone bad. Bought a complete front wheel for a USD conversion on my XR650R. Rotor was bent when I got it so I was able to get a $30 refund. Bought a new EBC rotor. Put it on and it...
  10. Red Baron Racing CRF450 Supermoto Triple Clamps - AVAILABILITY

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Morning all, Just got off the phone with Red Baron racing, and found out that they may soon be discontinuing their supermoto offset triple clamps. The ones I am referencing are shown below: -For 02-09 CRF450/250 Offset adjustments between 14mm and 16mm. >Includes 7075 T-6 aluminum steering...