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crf450 street legal

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    I bought this bike used. It started life as a 2002 crf450. It is plated street legal in CA. Someone already tarded it out with wheels and brakes. It was ridden hard and put away wet. I came to its rescue. It ran like crap and needed a lot of stuff to make it road ready. I am building it for my...
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    2007 Honda CRF450. Comes with dirt wheels and tires not the supermoto ones pictured. This Bike Has NO problems and is Ready to ride. No smoking or leaks at all. Rigorous Maintenance and oil changes. I used it for supermoto and it rarely saw any dirt. Its a Very clean bike. It has a Street Legal...
  3. Honda
    I just put my deposit down on an 09 CRF450R. I sumo'd out my 03 CRF450R and got it street legal (see pics). I couldn't find a CRF450 ONLY pics thread anywhere!! post em up!!!