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  1. Honda CRF150r - Supermoto Wheels

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    I am looking to build my CRF150r, I was wondering if anyone could help me in locating some spoke or mag wheels for the bike. Thanks in advance
  2. 12" Tubeless supermoto wheels for CRF150R, CR85, RM85, KX85, YZ85, KX65 RM65 for sale

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    12" Tubeless supermoto wheels for CRF150R, CR85, RM85, KX85, YZ85, KX65 RM65 for sale Complete 12" tubeless Supermoto wheels set for the following models: Honda CR80/85R, CRF150R/RB. Kawasaki KX65/KX85 Suzuki RM65/RM85 Yamaha YZ85 Comes with front and rear brake rotors in stock diameter ...
  3. Yorkshire supermoto rider on a CRF150R

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hi there,I just got some supermoto wheels for my CRF150R and I'm wondering what spacers to use because the ones I got given are, ONE back motocross CRF150R spacer, 2 cylinder spacers that rub on the dust covers of the bearings and I got 1 good spacer that sat inside the hub.. What spacers could...
  4. CRF 150R Stock Bar Clamps?

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    Hi, I am new to supermoto junkie. Thanks to all for posting all their tips and info on CRF 150Rs....I used a ton of the info I found on here. I just finished my build last week. The bike I bought had aftermarket risers on it. I am gong back to the stock clamps that go on the stock triple...
  5. crf150r 14'' tire on stock rims

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    Hey, I'm new to supermoto and i just got a crf150r small wheel. I honestly don't like the look of the 17'' or 12'' rims, and I'm on a really tight budget and need to keep it as cheap as possible. I found a michelin scooter wheel 100/90-14 and I was wondering if it would fit the stock small wheel...
  6. 12" wheels/slicks

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    hi all i'm looking for 12" wheels and slicks for my klx140. I was hoping you crf150r guys could help me out. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  7. klx 140 conversion

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    this is the first time posting on this site. I have never built a supermoto bike before. I have a klx140 (small wheel 17" front 14" back) modded for dirt. suspension: crf150r expert front suspension, custom built c2p racing shock in the rear, and klx140L (large wheel model with the 19" front...
  8. crf150r setup

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Ok, I know there are a few posts regarding this, but not much beyond rim suggestions. This is my first ground up build and of course the 150r doesnt seem to have alot available for the conversion. *I found Excel 17" rims at ProCycle which seem a better deal than the Haans offered @...
  9. 2006 TTR125 Supermoto 150 Very Trick

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    Selling my Super Trick TTR150 Super mini. This is one of the coolest TTr's out there. The motor was totally redone in 2010. Bike is ready to race. $2600 703-963-3336 Jim Chassis: 06 TTR BBR Frame Cradle YZ85 Forks ( Re-valved and sprung by Factory Connection) YZ85 Swing arm and linkage YZ85...
  10. QUESTION!!!!!!! CRF150R Which size is better for rims

    :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: Which size is better for rims...... 17 or 16.5 inches AND 2.75 or 3.5 front for a crf150r as I'm doing 3.5 for the rear. how does having 3.5 in both front and rear affect the riding? im only 5'5" and 115lbs if that matters..... also, i...