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  1. Street Tarders
    I have a 2005 CRF450X. I'm wanting to go to LED lighting to improve visibility. My questions are: What is the stock output? If I disconnect the stock headlight, is the ac power used for it converted to dc? What are my options without upgrading the stator? I would prefer to be able to run...
  2. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi all looking for some advice as what I need to turn my Honda CRF450X in a super motard bike. All help tip and tricks will be appreciated. Regards
  3. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I have a Motomaster front brake caliper and beat up Brembo master that fades more after each session. I've bled and put news braided lines on and think it would be easier and cheaper to replace. I would like to keep the cost down and heard a TRX 450 master works great. I was wondering what year...
  4. Wanted
    Looking for a race quality set up for a 2007 CRF450. Motomaster, Brembo, Braking, Beringer. . . Prefer complete set-up but interested in individual pieces as well.
  5. Supermoto pics/vids
    Soon a nice video with this monster ;p
  6. Bikes
    Up for sale is a 2012 Yamaha WR450f with a clean and clear title ready for street or trail. The bike has lots of tasteful extras including a full supermoto set up. Bike has an estimated 20 hours or less. Factory Dunlop MX51's still have 90% tread if that is any indication. Supermoto tires show...
  7. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hello and welcome everyone viewing this, this is my first post. I'm currently searching for a Honda CRF 250X dirt bike, but would like to convert it into a daily used type bike instead of the track scene. I have loved motorcycles since I was young and now looking to start it up again. My...
  8. Street Tarders
    Hi guys I brought a CRF 450X a few months back. The headlight is better than my old KTM 125 it is still pretty rubbish! I understand that I cannot run a HID from the battery as the charging power to the battery is something like 10w if I can remember correctly, and I can't just connect it to the...
  9. Bike Parts
    Wanting to sell a Moto-Master caliper, Brembo master cylinder with a steel braided brake line. They work awesome! I just don't have time to ride so I am selling some parts off my bike. The mount on the caliper is for a 2004 CRF450R but you can buy mounts for any bike fairly cheap ($70+/-)...
  10. Wanted
    Looking for a 17" set up for a 150R. If you have them please reach out or call. My name is Bruce I party. 646.335.2430
  11. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I've had a search around here and the Google, but can't find what I need; specific help. I have a CRF450R 2006, which I've just installed an "electrexworld" ignition and lighting stator, which with the OEM flywheel is rumored to give 70watt, revved up, power. I'm in the process of building...
  12. Bike Parts
    I just recently converted my 2006 CRF250R to a street legal supermoto. It is awesome around town, however it sucks for cruising. I was contemplating doing a 450 or 450x, however I ended up buying a WR250X instead (Awesome bike). I spent close to $2500 doing the conversion and put less than 50...
  13. General Mini Chat
    Hi, I am new to supermoto junkie. Thanks to all for posting all their tips and info on CRF 150Rs....I used a ton of the info I found on here. I just finished my build last week. The bike I bought had aftermarket risers on it. I am gong back to the stock clamps that go on the stock triple...
  14. General Mini Chat
    So im dying to have a bike. im going off to college in August and id like to have a street legal bike. i know id be better off finding a 250x, BUT i have a chance to get a 250r for $2000. its an 08, and it looks all right. cheap because a family member picked it up off some government auction...
  15. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Finaly created an account on here! I am from Memphis TN and I NEED TO FIND SOME SUMO RIDERS!!!!!
  16. Wanted
    Please help me find one of these. I have the plate but desperately Need the delrin block. Ask anybody who runs the epic slider to Check their tool box for a spare! Thank you!
  17. Bike Parts
    SOLD ---Selling a Beringer 6 pot brake kit for Honda CRF450R. Still for sale Excel Rims mounted with Bridgestone slicks. Silver Rims, 16.5" front, 17" rear. Red Haan hubs. Local pick up only $750. This is the bike when it was first setup as a SM. It's been used since then so the...
  18. Bike Parts
    New! Never mounted! Magura SM rotor. Its the 320mm race rotor with a red carrier. Purchased the Magura radial mount kit for a set of 08 CRF450 forks and I don't need This rotor. Should fit all years CRF 250 & 450 both R and X models. Cheers! Trevor Post or text 818 231-0767
  19. General Mini Chat
    this is the first time posting on this site. I have never built a supermoto bike before. I have a klx140 (small wheel 17" front 14" back) modded for dirt. suspension: crf150r expert front suspension, custom built c2p racing shock in the rear, and klx140L (large wheel model with the 19" front...
1-19 of 46 Results