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  1. Project Builds Showcase
    2001 CR500 motor in 1997 CR250 Frame with CRF450 forks. Street titled. It took me about two years to finally get it right. Crazy fun on the streets especially in urban areas. Before: After: Motor: The motor it tight and right so I didn’t make any changes. FMF exhaust cleaned up Newish...
  2. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    I've acquired 95 CR500 that I'm converting to supermoto. I'll be adding pictures as the build goes. I would appreciate any input and answers to que questions I will be making.
  3. Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    Anyone here in the Northern parts of Denver who are up for riding? Just moved here so looking for some riding buddies :D
  4. Supermoto pics/vids
    Preview of the completed CR500 project.
  5. Project Builds Showcase
    Hello there, im new to the forum so i would like to show my KTM/CR500 hybrid project. Im from Finland and my english isnt best but ill try my best so you could understand even something.:lol: Its originally street legal 250EXC, with both enduro and supermoto setup. Heres few pics of it...
  6. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    I'm trying to make a cr250 supermoto here in FL. Any one have any suggestions as far as wheels and sprockets and rotors? I'm not looking for headlights or anything I'm going for a supercross street bike that I can romp around on lol. Also I would eventuly like to swap a cr500 motor in. Has...
  7. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hello y'all. My name is Nick and I'm new to the forum and supermotos in general. I was recently gifted an absolute DREAM bike of mine and that has, in turn sparked my first supermoto build. I have some pretty extensive bike history. Not so much owning them but riding them, I've been a Tech at...
  8. Bikes
    Hey guys I am listing my 1996 Honda CR500 (CR500RT) that I have pretty much customized from the ground up. $3250, located in 03079 which is southeastern New Hampshire. The bike is liquid cooled, has aftermarket bars, levers, bark busters, chain, sprockets, plastics, air filter, side covers...
  9. Bikes
    Hey guys, Im selling my 1997 Cr500, its a great bike. I haven't owned it very long, its got an fmf full system, new plastics and low ride time on the top end. I really love this bike but I'm selling it and few other things to buy an aprilia. This is a huge 2-Stroke! A lot of power out of this...
  10. General SuperMoto Chat
    SOURCES newguns: oldies:
  11. Bikes
    Hard decision, but the time has come to fund other projects. Service Honda CR500AF in a gen 3 CR125 frame. Motor is a 2001. Bike was assembled in 2007. Put in a new top end last year and the motor has 6.7 hours on it since that time. Bike is in immaculate condition and was trail ridden (no...
1-13 of 13 Results