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  1. Saratoga speedway courtenay vancouver island.

    Supermoto British Columbia
    It looks as though there will be a supermoto and sportsman class at saratoga speedway and here is some info from last weeks meeting. 5th of March Meeting Overview: Saratoga Speedway Motorcycle Series 2013 Dates confirmed (no conflicting dates w/ Victoria Supermoto). All Saturday’s at 5pm: May...
  2. New from Vancouver island

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey every body, I've just recently gotten in to the supermoto sport and am having a bit of a hard time not being a hooligan. It's pretty much the most fun kind of riding I've experienced. I have built a plated 99 wr400f with EBC brakes, warp 9 wheels, built my own wiring harness, and many other...