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  1. 1999 Suzuki RM125 Tagged, street legal, DB FL $4500

    Time to part with it. I built it 3-4 years ago and never put fluids in it until a week ago. I’ve ridden roughly 2-3 miles around town and drained the fuel out of it and put it back in the garage. Everything is new (2-3 miles old now). It has a FULLY street legal title that I tagged years ago and...
  2. Rear brake quit!?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    hi, I've recently got a 2013 wr450 I'm converting and I had a question about my rear brake. I recently installed the Baja designs brake switch and bled the breaks. They were working fine. Then yesterday I was getting my friend to hold a lot of pressure on the brake so I could remove my front...
  3. bike choices AKA please help

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    hey guys. im new... to everything. new to these forums, new to motorcycles and riding, and definitely new to Supermoto. kind of embarrassing honestly. but, i have lots of questions if ANYONE could help. i want to get a supermoto (streetlegal) and i am kind of driven to do the work my self on...
  4. TE 450 Build/Conversion to Supermoto

    Hello everyone, I've snooped around here for quite sometime, but this is my first contribution. I picked up a 2004 TE 450 last weekend with the intention of converting it into a street legal supermoto. Before I picked it up, I had my insurance and the local registry run the VIN, make, and model...
  5. KTM CR500 supermoto hybrid

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hello there, im new to the forum so i would like to show my KTM/CR500 hybrid project. Im from Finland and my english isnt best but ill try my best so you could understand even something.:lol: Its originally street legal 250EXC, with both enduro and supermoto setup. Heres few pics of it...
  6. New to supermoto! which one?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    So i have decided i want a street legal supermoto. I have a relative who took his older wr250 and converted to a supermoto and it is amazing. I loved riding it and now im hooked. Im really leaning toward a 450 but was wondering where to start. Some people have told me get a motorcross bike and...
  7. Hi everyone

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello SuperMoto Junkies i'm gonna start off by introducing my ride, it's a 1999 Honda XR600R, wich is not SuperMoto'd already, i bought it off by a good price and despite the scuffs, it goes great and it has been revisioned by a Honda dealership, they said it is in mint condition (as far as the...
  8. Rim Conversion

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Is it possible to convert a set of tubed rims to become tubeless? Could I use a glue/epoxy of some sort? Or how about a special tape? I'm sure I'll need to install some sore of valve stem. Any suggestions?
  9. New to supermotos, need help with conversion

    I've been an avid dirt rider all my life but I'm new to supermotos. I'm what I'd call a good mechanic, so there's that. I own a YZ450f and I've done the entire conversion process by myself without help because I'm good with a wrench. New stator, wiring all the electrical, new rear brake master...
  10. KX65 Conversion

    General Mini Chat
    Hi everyone, I'm new to supermotoing and would like to get a KX65 and convert it into a supermoto that I can ride on a go kart track here in England. The big question is before I make the move, what do I need to do to convert it ovet? I understand the basic stuff, wheels and tyres. But im more...
  11. Need road title for my 2006 kx450f

    Anyone who lives in ny knows its near impossible to convert here. Just wondering if there is any kind of service out there that can do it for me and i will do the parts conversion.
  12. Thinking about Sumo'ing a CRF230

    Project Builds Showcase
    I've been looking for a first bike for quite a while now and I found a pretty nice CRF230 with and enduro kit on it with a street legal title. I'm not a very big guy, so the size of this bike isn't really a problem. The only problem is that through the research I have done is that these things...
  13. KTM 520SX Conversion - Wiring/Switch help

    Street Tarders
    Just tying up a 520SX supermoto conversion (540 big bore, titled/plated) and I need some help. I got the wiring harness from an EXC and have it mostly figured out. The guy I bought the bike off of was running it without a battery, and there look to be two kill switches, one at each hand grip...
  14. WR450F conversion 2013+ , Advice? Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Hello everyone, Thanks to all the nice and helpful replies here I've finally locked down on the bike I'm going to buy to do a conversion next year. I've plenty of time beforehand, Hopefully I'll get the bike and be able to start working on the SuMo conversion before I get my license this summer...
  15. help with tires 99 wr400f

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys i just got a 1999 wr400f and dont have the cash to do the full supermoto wheel conversion. It has knobbies on it now. What are the widest street tires that i can put on my stock rims. i saw someone say they had 140/80-18 on the back but those were offroad tires. i just want to go...
  16. 2012 350 exc Supermoto Conversion

    Project Builds Showcase
    So summer has arrived,and i thought it would be a good idea to install my sm wheels onto my 2012 ktm 350 exc. Before 2011 350 sx-f Graphics/ Plastics and decals where used off-road. So Far Parts Ordered..... Full White Plastics Kit - MX1 Australia (Acerbis Retailer) 2012 "White Chrome...
  17. Husqvarna Conversion

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I would like to covert my 2012 husqvarna te310 into a supermoto. What tires, wheels, parts, etc would you recommend for this conversion? Any help is appreciated!
  18. DRZ-400SM - 3rd Mod: The Jump to HID

    Street Tarders
    It's like an addiction you know... fixing things that aren't broken. As one of the great internet forum junkies once said, "The KTM headlight is a joke--I'd have more light from holding a candle in one hand." Or something like that. So out came the bulb and in went the HID. First things...
  19. Suzuki DRZ400s to Supermoto project!

    Project Builds Showcase
    After I sold my CRF, i bought myself a DRZ. But as the DRZ was finished and not so much left to do, and wintertimes. I decided to buy a cheap ass DRZ and tune it up to what it looks like now: When i bought it, it was old plastics. Everything dusty and scratched. Anodised blue standard, what a...
  20. Honda cr450f to Supermoto

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hey everybody, I'm sure you guys get these questions all the time and I really hate asking but like the title say I'm going to purchase a Honda cr450f and I was wondering what kind of tires I should get. I'll be riding mostly on the streets I live on but eventually I intend to get it street...