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  1. CONTINTENAL TXC80 Knobbies

    Hey guys, my name is Stefan and i'm new to the forum. I just bought a bone-stock klx-250sf and am fitting her with new knobbies for off-loading. I went with Continental TXC80 140/80 -18's on the rear (130/70-17) and TXC80 120/70 B17's (110/70-17) How will this setup work. am i ok? Thank you...
  2. Continental Contiforce SM Rear Tire 160/60 with approx 100 miles on it, FOR SALE

    Bike Parts
    Like the title says, Continental Contiforce SM Rear Tire 160/60 has a little under 100 miles on it. Please just PM me with offers. No reasonable offer refused, but it's essentially brand new so please be fair. Please include shipping as well in any offers. Thank you.
  3. The difference between race tires and DOT tires

    Supermoto pics/vids
    can be seen here. snapped a few pics just to compare them for those who haven't seen them side by side. Michelin Pilot Intermediate slicks on the right, ContiRace Attack tires on the left. you can see the huge difference in profile and side contact patch on the Michelin vs. the Conti on both...
  4. All new Continental ContiATTACK available now

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    Motostrano has received an advanced shipment of the new Continental ContiATTACK SM supermoto tire from Continental, which is available for shipping on our web site now, here: Stick a pair under the tree...