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  1. Street Tarders
    I picked up a 2001 Honda XR650R last week with the plan of it being a one bike solution for me. I want to do light touring (needs to be able to hold 65-70 on the freeway for 40-50 miles max), gravel roads and light trails, canyon ripping, and commuting. I know I'm greedy but lets see how it...
  2. Street Tarders
    Hi guys, I'm new here and I need some advise. First of all I live in Costa Rica, tropical weather and lot of off roads and tracks. Recently I started seeing motorcycles on the internet, there is a plenty of motorcycles here. BMW caught my attention with the BMW 700gs, but I think that its much...
  3. Street Tarders
    Another "What bike should I get" thread from a former SMC owner (sorry about that) Hi guys! I have been very inactive in the supermoto scene (and in here) for quite some time now. Mostly because I am now living back in Denmark and had my SMC stolen a few years ago (a new one in Denmark is...
1-3 of 3 Results