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  2. STM Slipper clutch problems - KTM 525exc

    Street Tarders
    ----------------------------Slightly long post warning----------------------------------- Hey guys, I put an STM Slipper in my '07 525EXC motard and am having some problems I just can't figure out myself. Background story: I have already re-installed it about 5 times as the clutchpack from the...
  3. Clutch issues 2007 husqvarna SMR 450

    Hello, new here and i am not sure if this is the right place to post this but i am having some issues with the clutch on my bike. It started a few days ago when i was about to leave work and it kept stalling every time i put the bike in gear ( with the clutch in ) I had no choice but to ride...
  4. 2009 SM610 Clutch Cable

    HELP! I need to replace the clutch cable on my 2009 Husqvarna SM610. I am interested in replacing the stock cable with a Barnett cable because it is a little longer. I contacted Barnett and they sent me drawings for the TE cable and the SM cable. The TE cable looks more like is what is...
  5. DRZ Clutch help!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey all, I have a 2016 DRZ400SM and have just installed an RSC lever but now that I'm trying to adjust the cable, I can't seem to get the friction zone to work as intended at any other adjustment than there being absolutely no slack on the cable and it being right at the very top of the lever...
  6. clutch issue.... where did I go wrong? (2008 ktm 690 Duke)

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    hi all! Im having a problem and as the title states, its with the clutch.... and yes... I know, it was when i bought a duke.... lol but all jokes aside this is beginning to test my last bit of patience. it all started with the slave cylinder being busted and then while i was waiting for the...
  7. STM Slipper Clutch Promo

    For the month of February we have launched an online discount promo for STM Slipper clutches. Use code STMITALY at check-out to receive 10% off any slipper clutch or other STM part. This coupon will expire at the end of the month. Here's the link...
  8. Wanted: Parts for husqvarna smr 510 track bike build

    Hi, Searching for a few parts for my bike please check out the list below and let me know if you have something for sale. Project is being built as a dedicated track bike... If you have something not on the list that could be of interest please don't hesitate to let me know. Located in...
  9. wr250x throttle/ fuel issue caused by clutch adjustment?? Riddle me this

    Street Tarders
    So I adjusted my clutch the other day. After adjusting it, I can no longer start in 1st gear( i know your not technically supposed to anyways but i had the ability to before, and now i can't). Also if i disengage the clutch while rolling over 10-12 mph, it has a higher idle until my wheel speed...
  10. Suzuki STM slipper clutch

    Bike Parts
    I have for sale a brand new drz400 slipper. Still in box Product Code: FSU-X030 Also have another brand new slipper to suit rmz450 still in box Product code: FSU-m100 Asking $600 each Please contact me with any more questions
  11. Having a clutch issue =[

    I own a 2007 drz400sm and as of lately probably the last 3 months I've been having an issue with my clutch. When I go to start the bike and I pull in the clutch then press the ignite button it doesn't always start. I don't know what to think of it at first, so I pulled the clutch in again and...
  12. 2007 Husqvarna 510 SMR -Clutch not engaging

    I have an aftermarket slave cylinder and all stock components on the Magura hydraulic clutch otherwise and recently the clutch when the engine is hot has stopped engaging. Almost a complete loss of pressure in the lever but as soon as the bike is cool again from sitting the lever builds up...
  13. Anyone know where I can get an aftermarket clutch basket? or used?

    So I broke one of the pillar things where the clutch springs screw into. So I need to get a replacement clutch basket. The husky parts catalog only sells the basket + primary gear for $550. I just need the basket and don't want to spend that much. Anyone know of an aftermarket maker or a place...
  14. Clutch problems with 690sm - it slips - again.

    Hi ! I have clutch problems with my 690sm - it slips - again. First time I put some washers under the springs, it helps and some time clutch dont slip. But not so long... I also tryed to put brand no springs, also new springs with washers... Then I get nearly new clutch complect including...
  15. another drz wheelie help post!!

    Supermoto Tips & Technique
    i have a 07 drz400 with full yosh pipe, FCR carb and stock gearing. i can do a wheelie in first without even thinking about it but i cant for the life of me do it in 2nd!!! wtf? also does it make sense that my bike is winding out at 60 mph?
  16. DR-Z400SM clutch safety start

    I have seen on some drz's that the cable going to the clutch requiring you to pull the clutch in to start the bike has been removed. I tried to pull it out from the clutch but it wont move. Any one know how to get it out?:headscrat
  17. STM slipper for CRF450X

    Bike Parts
    Never used. Still in box. Should fit 05-09 450X. 500$
  18. Beringer Brake Parts - NEW, NEVER USED

    Bike Parts
    Beringer Front Brake Assembly and Hydraulic Clutch Lever Assembly NEW, NEVER USED SUPERMOTO ENDURO CALIPER ASSEMBLY Retail $763.66 SALE PRICE $399.00 Beringer Front Brake Caliper Asssembly with Beringer floating pads. 4KT13 #1100 pads Left Side, 95 mm mounting bolt spacing, M8X125 Threaded...
  19. 2005 TE510 R.H. cover wanted!

    Hello everybody, I bought a used KTM and my mate a Husky TE510 to have some fun together. So we did! However after a day out we found the clutch cover (rh case) was cracked! Someone had a go with welding but screwed it as it's a magnesium alloy. Would anybody be so kind and have this second...
  20. Supermoto Slipper Clutch Sale

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    all of our Supermoto slipper clutches are currently ON SALE: STM, ADIGE, Hinson and the spare parts associated with them: