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  1. Mini Pics and Vids.
    I'm back! Picked up a 2002 KTM 65 mini, hope to run in the TX Mini GP and practice out at the local kart track when I'm not driving karts. 2002 KTM 65 - Revalved and resprung suspension - Excel 12" sumo rims - Orange Talon hubs - Steel braided brake lines - Aftermarket brake rotors - Bark...
  2. Project Builds Showcase
    After owning a race car engine swap project for a few years I got used to working on stuff myself to save money. With my recent 2008 Aprilia SXV 550 addition I decided to put what I learned to work to make my SXV personalized and in good mechanical condition. Plans: -Paint/powdercoat chassis...
1-2 of 2 Results