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  1. Need help choosing a bike.

    Hi all, This is my first post on supermoto junkie after literally years of lurking. I have seen the light and supermotos seem like the best thing since they strapped a internal combustion engine to a bicycle frame. I have scoured the internet almost to a obsessive level in pursuit of my next...
  2. Project: $225 Supermoto Wheels

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hello everyone. I thought i would make this thread to help out some people who want 17s but dont have $1k to spend on wheels. I have ordered almost all the parts i need, i will update the thread as i put everything together. I have a crf450r so i am using a 32 hole rear rim. You will have to...
  3. Cheap supermoto build/ tusk hubs

    Hi everyone, I just made an account here at smj and love all the cool info i've learned, but I am still a noob at this whole supermoto setup. I know there are tons of threads like this but I was hoping for some help in my specific situation. I have an 05 wr450f and i'm planning on a supermoto...
  4. WTF happened to this xr650l?!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey dudes. Name's Rick. After a long year of drooling over and romping around a buddy's DRZ400sm, I put together some cash and bought this xr650l that was "converted to supermoto". It's got '04 CRF a front fork, 17" front wheel with a 110 tire on it. Rear is an 18" wheel with a 130 on it...
  5. 01 Suzuki DRZ Supermoto Pimped Out - 7788 Miles - $3,800 (Chicago)

    DRZ-400 SUPERMOTO for sale. Year: 2001 Miles: 7788 Price: $3,800.00 I'm parting ways with my baby, I have no time to ride anymore. Professionally built and serviced. Synthetic Oil, Engine Ice Coolant. Have all receipts and Documents. Tons of mods. Custom graphics and paint. Over 10K...