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  1. MLK Ride in Charlotte,NC

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    I'm off! Anyone want to ride.
  2. From the Charlotte area, Who else lives around here!

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    Hey guys/gals :anim_peep:, Im new here. Live in the Charlotte area. How many of you live around here? Do you know of any Supermoto clubs around the area? I'm a street tarder not a racer. I currently do not own one due to a divorce, but am aiming at getting a DRZ-400SM (cheap and reliable) or a...
  3. Charlotte, NC NEW Kawasaki KLX250SF rider

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey everyone, just got my 2009 Kawasaki KLX250SF new. It is awesome... However, the exhaust seems to be hampering power a bit. Has anyone had this bike that could recommend and after market exhaust? Any other supermoto riders in Charlotte? Thanks Hunter Wilson [email protected]
  4. Yamaha WR426F Supermoto STREET-LEGAL

    Thinking about selling my supermoto to get something "more streetable" For sale is 2001 WR426, with valid clean NC Street title. Title is on hand. Anyways, Since I purchased this bike last year, I have added about 1000-1500miles. From what I was told this would mean the bike has a total of...