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  1. HELP do not know what is wrong.

    Hello all, So I built a 2011 kx450f supermoto and cannot figure out what is wrong with my bike. At a cruise in 4th gear it feels like my bike pulls back for a second and then will do it again at the same speed. It does not seem to lose any rpms, engine sounds fine. I was thinking maybe...
  2. Please Read: Warp 9's, XR650R, Awful chain wear. Pictures included.

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi Everyone, Here is my 2001 XR650R. I am having abnormal chain wear. The wheels are 17” Warp 9’s. My axle block adjuster is even on both sides. Prior to installing the Warp 9’s, I had no noticeably abnormal chain or sprocket issues on stock wheels. Besides the new wheels (which come with new...
  3. what chain and sprocket to by for my sm510r

    Hey I have a simpel and stupid question: How many links does the stoke chain have on a 07 SMR? what gearing are you guys having on your street bikes? stoke? or something else? and where to buy? Greatings from Norway
  4. DRZ Timing Problem. PLEASE HELP.

    Hello everyone, So today I decided to tackle adjusting my valves. Last weekend I checked the valves and found out they were really tight which surprised me because the bike only have 9k miles on it. Anyway, so today I decided to re-shim them. Everything went pretty smoothly expect for a...
  5. Newb yz450f streetmoto - bandit wheels & gearing question

    Street Tarders
    Hi guys, i have a 09 yz450f standard motocross at the minute which i am going through the process of making UK street legal. I have bought some Suzuki bandit wheels (17 inch cast) with the brake bracket and all spacers to use on standard 22mm YZ axles. The thing i need to know really is seeing...
  6. DRZ bent valve

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi all, I'm new here but couldn't find much on this. My timing chain recently jumped a few teeth and bent a valve so I'm looking for a motor or sell as is. Is this a common issue because I've read a few threads on here where people's heads are "bad". Is replacing the head advised or the entire...
  7. Chain ruining my shiny new sumo rim!

    Street Tarders
    I bought my wr 426 already motard and I found straight away that the slack in the chain whipped the crapola out of my rim and it is ruining it. There is little to no room between the wheel and chain and I'm wondering what I could possibly fabricate to attach to the swingarm to keep the chain off...
  8. Replacement slider plate for Epic chain guide

    Please help me find one of these. I have the plate but desperately Need the delrin block. Ask anybody who runs the epic slider to Check their tool box for a spare! Thank you!
  9. wr250x chain slapping / bouncing around VIDEO

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Ok... i put a new 47 tooth sunstar sprocket and 112 link gold EK srx chain on around 150-200 miles ago and didnt notice any problems. my tire got punctured so i bought a new rear tire and inner tube, and took it to the dealership to have it changed (just the wheel, brake disc and sprocket...
  10. wr250x chain recommendations and beating a dead horse

    i have all the uncorking mods on my bike and now really want to change the gearing. i know nothing about motorcycle chains and need some recommendations, very specific recommendations. for example if you recommend EK chains there are what seem to be hundreds of different EK chains and i wont...
  11. Wear and tear on the front sprocket? Chain replacement?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Two quick questions for my 2005 DRZ 400 SM First, I was thinking that it's going to be time soon to get a new front engine sprocket due to wear. I know it's not that bad now...Plus I'm getting all the redish colored dust on and near the chain after some riding. Doesn't seem normal! Any idea...
  12. Chain size for crf250x Supermoto

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Can anyone tell me a good chain size for a crf250x supermoto? I have the stock sprocket on front which i think is a 13(not sure) and a 49tooth on the rear. Thanks
  13. Chain and sprockets

    Hi guys - I have some questions for the pros again :) My bike (510 '09) only has about 2k miles on it. While cleaning the OEM chain the o-rings started falling off. I took that as a sign of an impending chain replacement. What kind of chain are you guys running on your 510's? O-, X-, Z-ring...