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  1. Jetting Basics (Very Informative, Long Read)

    Street Tarders
    I wanted to post this as I am having some jetting issues myself (see bottom of post if you wish to help) and have been doing a lot of reading. Hopefully this will help those that are in need of a re-jet. Originally posted by Skipper on the dirt rider forum: It seems that during my sabbatical...
  2. DRZ400 FCR Question???

    From my searches it seems that the fcr 39 with the removable intake (or is it exhaust side) is best. You can pick one up for about 350-400 used from what I've found. Will the fcr 39 without the removable intake work???...from what I've read it's a pain in the ass but possible. But i've found...
  3. Teach me to use Carb correctly!

    The DRZ is my first bike with a carb and I need some direction. I've searched and asked buddies but still need some direction. OK so, Three positions which are "ON" "PFI" and "RES". What are the correct way to use this positions? Please correct me if I'm wrong. On is for initially starting the...
  4. Carburetor Questions

    Street Tarders
    On the DRZ vs. WR-X comparison, for me, the main difference is a carbureted bike versus a fuel injected bike. I have a few questions for those in support of carburetors and I couldn't find an answer to these few questions. I am aware that the answer could vary slightly when talking about...