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  1. KTM
    So lately ive been looking at the Ktm 625 Smc, found a very good deal on a 05 model (I think, it might be an 04 model?) But i'm a noob with carbs and ive heard that the 625 comes stock with the BST 40 Carb just like the 640 LC4 04-05 model! Problem #1: I don't know what either the BST 40 or...
  2. Bike Parts
    SOLDJust like it says. Was a new rebuilt carb with fuel screw off my 450 SMR. Perfect condition, put it on and ride. Bought it from Danno at KTM motorsports. Carb only has 4 hours on it. $275.00 shipped (in the states)!!!
1-2 of 2 Results