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  1. Lost Performance, Need Help. 2006 DRZ400SM

    Hello everyone, A few months back I purchased a 2006 DRZ400SM. The previous owner told me all the things that have been done to the bike including; full MRD exhaust, re-jetted stock carb I believe, and 3x3 mod. I love the bike it's super fun and fast enough to get the job done. After having...
  2. WTB / WTT KTM - 690 Original cam

    I'm looking for the OEM cam in the KTM 690 that fits in a 2009. I have the Rally cam that was supplied in the EVO II kit that ran just a few hours in my bike that I could trade for your original one. Cheers, FRED.
  3. Husqvarna SM610 TC-Spec Cam Ticking

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi Guys, I just installed a TC-Spec Cam in my 2007 SM610, this new cam has more duration on the inlet and exhaust lobes. The bike seems to go well, but there is a very loud ticking noise from the head. Any ideas to sort this out, or is this normal...
  4. GoPro HD Hero 2 vs Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15

    Street Tarders
    Just finished my two part GoPro vs Sony videos. I was definitely impressed with the Sony's image and audio quality. The super-slow mo and built in wifi are also awesome. Check them out! and subscribe if you want to! Part 1 Part 2...
  5. husqvarna tc 610 timming set problems

    I hope sombody can help me here im tarying to set timing on my husky but i dont know how i dont see any marks or nothing please help :rolleyes: