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  1. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi guys, I'm looking at fitting a better braking system, currently eyeing up a 4 pot axial brembo caliper off a Ducati 900SS mated with a 5/8" Master Cylinder. What i'm looking for is if anyone has done this in the past, I'm concerned about the brake caliper not clearing the spokes. I do...
  2. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, new to the site. I have a question about converting a dual-sport 450 to a supermoto. My question is: will throwing a 320mm front rotor fit in the stock caliper? Or do I need a whole new brake set-up? Thanks!
  3. Wanted
    Doing a SM conversion for a RMZ and am looking to buy a front caliper to replace the bland stock one. My color setup now is White/Black/Red so the colors will need to be matching some how. It would be shipping to Massachusetts, let me know what you guys have. Right now the best cost I've...
  4. Bike Parts
    SOLD-KTM hard parts by "Braking" caliper and Brembo Master ( Best Offer over $275) Sold.
  5. Bike Parts
    hey im selling the Moto master 320mm race rotor brand new unopened, Motomaster Caliper Brand new unopened with race brake pads un-used in package for 700$ shipped let me know im opened for trades and offers.
  6. Wanted
    I am just about done with my super moto conversion on my XR650r and only need an oversized rotor to beef up the lacking brakes. I dont care much on the size as long as you have the bracket or it is obtainable lol. I dont feel like fabricating anything lol but if the price is right I might be...
  7. Street Tarders
    I've got 4 brand new factory sealed sets. I'm entertaining all offers over $100, shipped. NO joke! I don't wanna be greedy, just wanna spread the SMJ love!! Oversize rotor kits give your SuperMoto bike the competitive edge Rotor material has higher friction than plain stainless steel for...
  8. Bike Parts
    Beringer Front Brake Assembly and Hydraulic Clutch Lever Assembly NEW, NEVER USED SUPERMOTO ENDURO CALIPER ASSEMBLY Retail $763.66 SALE PRICE $399.00 Beringer Front Brake Caliper Asssembly with Beringer floating pads. 4KT13 #1100 pads Left Side, 95 mm mounting bolt spacing, M8X125 Threaded...
  9. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I recently lost the front brake pad retaining pin and hair pin clip for my Moto-Master set up on my 06 CRF450R. After a few emails Moto-Master sent me this link to buy the replacement parts. Thought it might be helpful if someone else loses or damages the parts...
1-9 of 9 Results