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brembo caliper

  1. 08 SMR450, getting it right, any and all help appreciated

    Greetings all fellow Husky tarders! After a lot of reading on this portion of this superb site, I decided to take the plunge last month on an 08 SMR450 with 2,156 miles. The primary use she is slated for is canyon carving and visits to a tight closed local track, though I am a relative wuss...
  2. WTB: Supermoto bigi brake setup for Yamaha WR426

    Getting my bike converted for street/track duty. Before I try to cheaply piecemeal together something, I'd thought I'd check if anyone has something for sale. I have a stock caliper bracket for my warp9 wheels but I'd like something with a bit more stout. much thanks, Scott