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brembo brakes

  1. **SOLD**Brembo/motomaster brake set for sale

    Bike Parts
    Have front brake setup that includes the Brembo lever/ master cylinder with a goodridge braided brake line to a motomaster 4pot caliper. Also have an adapter/mount for a CRF450/Xr650R. It worked awesome when removed, have since sold the bike so decided to sell. Only issue is I can't find the...
  2. 2005 Husqvarna smr 510 front brakes

    Street Tarders
    Wondering if any husky SMR 510 riders know of the best brake pads for the front brakes on the brembo calipers. I have a 2005 model and recently took it to a mechanic who changed the disc and pads and the brakes are now no where near as powerful as they were previously. I've given them a chance...
  3. New front brake master cylinder for 510 SMR -06.

    Hey, I broke my front brake master cylinder in the most retarded way and are now looking for a new one. I've googled like hell trying to find out the model so any help would be very appreciated. I guess i'm looking for a brembo master cylinder with 16mm bore? Is the banjo bolt the same or do I...
  4. WTB: Supermoto bigi brake setup for Yamaha WR426

    Getting my bike converted for street/track duty. Before I try to cheaply piecemeal together something, I'd thought I'd check if anyone has something for sale. I have a stock caliper bracket for my warp9 wheels but I'd like something with a bit more stout. much thanks, Scott
  5. KTM Supermoto SETUP from 2007 KTM 525EXC / Brembo, Excel wheels, slipper clutch

    Bike Parts
    I am selling my 2007 KTM 525EXC and I have all the supermoto parts i pulled off it. Re Baron adjustable offset triple clamps $350 Up for sale are a year old set of Excel wheels with orange talon hubs and heavy duty bulldog spokes. $1000 plus shipping KTM hardparts slipper clutch with...