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  1. Help: '14 WR450F Brake Problems

    Hey buds, I'm building '14 WR450 Sumo, and when changing the wheels, I pushed fluid out of the rear caliper to get it to fit around the new rotor from Warp9, then when installing the rear pressure sensor I obviously lost brake pressure. Now I CANNOT get any pressure to build in the rear brakes...
  2. Rear brake quit!?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    hi, I've recently got a 2013 wr450 I'm converting and I had a question about my rear brake. I recently installed the Baja designs brake switch and bled the breaks. They were working fine. Then yesterday I was getting my friend to hold a lot of pressure on the brake so I could remove my front...
  3. DS to SM brakes

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, new to the site. I have a question about converting a dual-sport 450 to a supermoto. My question is: will throwing a 320mm front rotor fit in the stock caliper? Or do I need a whole new brake set-up? Thanks!
  4. Beringer Supermoto Brakes

    A recent package. Beautiful green in time for St Patty's Day.
  5. 2008 RM-Z450 with 40mm Brembo Caliper

    Alright guys, interesting story cut short... I'm doing a street legal 08' RMZ build and just received my calipers in from japan.webike. $650 or so for what i thought was one, turns out it's a pair of 40mm's. Question time... I found a brembo relocation bracket (SKU 70.2007 - can find here...
  6. Beringer/Brembo/Magura Front Caliper for 2008 RM-Z450

    Doing a SM conversion for a RMZ and am looking to buy a front caliper to replace the bland stock one. My color setup now is White/Black/Red so the colors will need to be matching some how. It would be shipping to Massachusetts, let me know what you guys have. Right now the best cost I've...
  7. Supermoto setup for a 2002 wr250f

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hello, I am currently in the process of converting my 2002 wr250f into a supermoto. I just recently got the title converted to MC and now she is plated. Super fun to ride on the streets but I have a few questions. The suspension is very SOFT and I don't know if I should just stiffen the...
  8. Any1 Ever made a handbrake for a drum brake?

    Any1 Ever made a handbrake for a drum brake? Building a c90 that starting to look bit like a super Moto :D im raceing it in MAY!!! and the back brake leaver is in the wrong place because i have moved the Pegs As we know C90's are semiautomatic and don't have a leaver on the left side of the...
  9. 06 YZ450F Supermoto Wheels/Brakes

    I'm on a budget and still deciding on what I want to get for parts, but figured I'd post here. Looking for complete sumo wheels, along with brake rotor, caliper, bracket. May be interested in other street parts for a 2006 yz450.
  10. WTB radial bracket adapter for 690e

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a radial brake adapter bracket for a 690 Enduro. Would like to switch to a 320mm front disc and radial brake caliper if possible. Thanks in advance!
  11. Honda Parts: Beringer Brakes: Excel Wheels, Tires, CRF450R. $1000 Torrance, CA

    Bike Parts
    SOLD ---Selling a Beringer 6 pot brake kit for Honda CRF450R. Still for sale Excel Rims mounted with Bridgestone slicks. Silver Rims, 16.5" front, 17" rear. Red Haan hubs. Local pick up only $750. This is the bike when it was first setup as a SM. It's been used since then so the...
  12. Nice Supermoto Brake Setup

    Bike Parts
    Great front brake setup ready to bolt on... -Black Brembo 4 pad radial mount caliper (100mm spacing) with almost new pads. -Braking 16mm radial master cylinder -Factory Pro Racing Powerslide 320mm rotor for KTM hub with extra outside ring -QTM radial caliper bracket for KTM forks -Orange Hel...
  13. Getting hosed by EBC !

    Street Tarders
    Well I finally got around to purchasing an EBC 320mm rotor from my local bike shop at the begining of Feburary. It was about a month before I got the bike togeather and rode it. I didn't even get 100ft out of my driveway before I realized my brand new rotor was warped! I took great pains when...
  14. Husky 510 SMR - 2006 - Eletrical Issue - FRont Headlight and Brake Light

    What's up Guys, I am having some issues with my front headlights. I purchased a new LED style front headlight system (eBay) and it worked for about 5 min then burned out. I noticed with a volt meter that the power on the front headlights seems to be low and not consistent? Also, my brake...
  15. What brake do I have?

    I need new pads but I don't know what brake I have since it's brembo and not stock. Can anyone help me figure out what I have and what I need to buy? Sizes or part numbers? Its an 06 drz400sm. Thanks...
  16. Brembo, EBC, Moto-Masteer, Beringer, Braking

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    These are the kinds of supermoto brakes we stock at Motostrano. We tend to keep on hand EBC and Moto-Master pads, rotors, calipers and brackets in stock. We also have a good supply on Brembo rotors. Beringer can take a little longer to order as the stuff comes from France. All of our brake kits...
  17. I need a big rotor for the front of my xr650r with a stock hub/fork

    I am just about done with my super moto conversion on my XR650r and only need an oversized rotor to beef up the lacking brakes. I dont care much on the size as long as you have the bracket or it is obtainable lol. I dont feel like fabricating anything lol but if the price is right I might be...
  18. crf150r setup

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Ok, I know there are a few posts regarding this, but not much beyond rim suggestions. This is my first ground up build and of course the 150r doesnt seem to have alot available for the conversion. *I found Excel 17" rims at ProCycle which seem a better deal than the Haans offered @...
  19. Floating rotor too loose?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I can't find an exact answer anywhere!! I bought my 07 drz sm with about 6k miles one it. I now have almost 12k miles. I ride hard (like any supermoto). I have noticed my front rotor is making lots of noise and is very loose. I took my tire and wheel into a shop to get the tire replaced and...
  20. Excel, Warp 9, Marchesini, DNA

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    We've got a lot of wheels in stock ready to ship NOW. Just poking around the shop here, we have the following in stock no waiting on aisle SUPERMOTO for these wheels: Marchesini DRZ400 Excel/Talon - Honda CRF, Honda XR, Yamaha, RMZ Warp 9, Honda XR, Suzuki DR650, Yamaha DNA Honda CRF, RMZ450...