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  1. WTB Alpina KTM Wheelset, Brake Setup

    I'm starting a conversion on a 2020 300 XCW TPI and am trying to find an Alpina wheelset. Front must be 17". Also in search of a brake setup (rotor, caliper, etc). I'll go the Warp9 route if I must, but I figured I'd put this out just in case anybody has them for sale.
  2. Will a Ducati 900SS Brembo fit my WR450F?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi guys, I'm looking at fitting a better braking system, currently eyeing up a 4 pot axial brembo caliper off a Ducati 900SS mated with a 5/8" Master Cylinder. What i'm looking for is if anyone has done this in the past, I'm concerned about the brake caliper not clearing the spokes. I do...
  3. How long for brakes to bed in?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Cleaned the rotors with brake clean before installing ebc's factory replacements (red ones) for a drz400sm, ran up and down my road a few times breaking at different speeds and pressures and let cool. After I let cool I tried to see how fast they would stop me and they didn't at all so I took...
  4. SM610 Rear brake lever?

    Hola everybody I looped the sm610 a while back and broke off the rear brake lever Some searches for the part have come up with nothing so I was wondering if you guys knew any other models that would fit or any places where I could find one? BTW its a 2007 carbed if that changes anything Thanks!
  5. Any1 Ever made a handbrake for a drum brake?

    Any1 Ever made a handbrake for a drum brake? Building a c90 that starting to look bit like a super Moto :D im raceing it in MAY!!! and the back brake leaver is in the wrong place because i have moved the Pegs As we know C90's are semiautomatic and don't have a leaver on the left side of the...
  6. Fs: Motomaster caliper & brembo 13mm master cylinder

    Bike Parts
    Wanting to sell a Moto-Master caliper, Brembo master cylinder with a steel braided brake line. They work awesome! I just don't have time to ride so I am selling some parts off my bike. The mount on the caliper is for a 2004 CRF450R but you can buy mounts for any bike fairly cheap ($70+/-)...
  7. PRICE DROP!!! NEW CRF Magura 320mm rotor $195 shipped

    Bike Parts
    New! Never mounted! Magura SM rotor. Its the 320mm race rotor with a red carrier. Purchased the Magura radial mount kit for a set of 08 CRF450 forks and I don't need This rotor. Should fit all years CRF 250 & 450 both R and X models. Cheers! Trevor Post or text 818 231-0767
  8. Need Help choosing a master cylinder

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I recently bought a motomaster 4 piston caliper for my 2012 350 exc, i installed with the stock master cylinder. To say the least I'm really dissapointed buy the braking. Ive bleed the system 3 times with a vacuum bleeder. I have to pull the lever almost to the handle bar to do an...
  9. DRZ-400SM - 5th Mod: Braided brake lines (pix!)

    Street Tarders
    Not long ago I was in our local Moto-Guzzi/Hyosung/etc shop buying some phattie grips for the DrZed. I noticed a braided steel brake line sitting there and didn't think much of it till a few weeks later--when I wandered in the other day. It was on the clearance table so I, what...
  10. Good Hydraulic Brake Light Switch?

    Street Tarders
    Hello, I've been lurking for months and ride a converted '06 WR450F that I got back in mid-October. The homemade lighting harness shorted and burned out in November, and I replaced it with the DRC harness kit (with a few modifications to suit my needs). My lights all worked, but the original...
  11. drz braided lines?

    Street Tarders
    Anyone have a good online source for braided lines for the DRZ that takes Paypal?
  12. KTM SMR Parts - Wheels, Tires, Brakes, Sliders, Catch Can, Gaurds

    Bike Parts
    KTM SMR Parts - Iowa Parts mounted up on my 04 450sx (also for sale with dirt setup if you’re interested) Stock 2005 525 SMR wheels/spacers – some wear marks 17x3.5 Front, 320mm rotor and relocation bracket 17x5 Rear, 45 tooth sprocket and stock brake rotor Barely scuffed race...
  13. Brake and clutch lever for fuel injected SM610 -07

    Hello I've bent my brake lever and was going to replace it with a husqvarna OEM lever, but since the OEM brake lever costs about $110 here in Sweden I was thinking of buying a non OEM clutch and brake lever instead. I've looked around the forum after any levers that will fit my fuel injected...