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  1. NEWBIE HELP With Gear/Bike Choice.

    Hello & thanks for stopping by, I want to get a supermoto type bike & what I have found that I like is the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto & the Ducati Hypermotard 939 type bikes because I want to ride on the street probably 100% of the time. I want to be able to ride the bike daily & put many miles on...
  2. KTM Mountain Bikes

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    For the KTM owner who has everything, you don't have a KTM Mountain bike. In fact most moto guys don't know KTM is a huge bicycle brand in Europe, one of the largest and makes some mean mountain and road bikes like this SCARP 29 ELITE MOUNTAIN BIKE...
  3. Dr-z400s

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    OK first off I'm thinking about Re-jetting my suzuki DR-Z400S 4 stroke I was looking at the dynojet kit not much reviews on it. Than I looked up JD Jetting kit and people seem to like it better than the dynojet but to the point which one would be better and do I have to do any mods to my bike?
  4. Rent-a-Supermoto

    I do not know whether I'm in the correct column writing, but correct me if I'm wrong. I was looking for but I have not found a theme for rent. :hmmm: Is there someone who would give a SM Bike to rent? What price for a day? What is included in the price? What else can be in addition to the...
  5. New rider!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    New to the site and soon to be new rider from toronto ontario! (: insurance just isn't being to nice about a bike right now so i may not be riding until next season... sad times we live in
  6. What supermoto?

    So, I currently ride a 125, (uk laws) and I have just passed my theory test, :) now only mod 1 and 2 to go, but, what supermoto to get at the end? I have come from a motocross background, so I prefer a supermoto over super sports, I have researched and have brought it down to two bikes, the ktm...
  7. MTB Full Face Helmet For SuperMoto

    I was looking to get myself a MX helmet for the track to wear with goggles. I currently own an integral helmet. The mountain bike helmets that they use for downhill seem to be so much lighter and better ventilated. Would you recommend using one? Does anyone ride with one? Thanks, tz
  8. ktm electric

    Supermoto pics/vids does anybody know if its possible to ride this in the bike lane like a motorized bike? cuz that would be awesome
  9. My new toy (not supermoto)

    Supermoto pics/vids
    My new toy. maybe one day ill try puttin on my sumo rims :D
  10. Please suggest me

    General Mini Chat
    any one have a bike giving 100km/Ltr average? High school diploma Diploma Diplomas
  11. My 09 WR250X

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Hey guys, I bought this bike used for 4200$ Canadian, what do you guys think? Also my first motorcycle :D :bannana:
  12. 2006 YZ450F Supermoto - DONE RIGHT! $4000/obo

    2006 Yamaha YZ450 Supermoto. This bike was professionally built at Epic Motosports. $4000 obo!!! Specs: -Durelle Suspension -FMF Powercore Muffler -Braking 4-Piston calilper -Braking Master Cylinder -Braking 320mm Rotor -Hinson Slipper Clutch -Excel Rims/Hubs (3.5x17, 5.0x17) -Acerbis SM...
  13. Supermoto Wheels - Help!

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi guys, Hope you are all well. I'm a little bit stuck at the moment and could do with some advice from someone who knows abit more about Supermoto than I do! I'm just looking for a bit of information really on the different types of wheels for supermoto bikes. What types of wheels are used...
  14. motard selection

    Hello fellow junkies, I have a KLX 250 '09 but wanna move on to a more powerfull supermoto bike. Im looking for a semi-racing for track days, drifts, twisties around town though low maintenance bike! My budget allows my to buy a 2005-2006 used model. so..i come up to this! Suzuki - Drz 400...
  15. rmx450z vs crf450x

    Street Tarders
    hey guys i was just wonderin what you guys think of these two bikes. WHICH SHOULD I GET thanks :burnout: