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  1. How bad did i screw up? ktm 690 countershaft bearing

    Hello, I was recently fixing a very minor oil leak on my 690 duke. I pulled the front sproket off and was attemting to replace the countershaft seal, metal bushing, and oring so my chain was not constantly dirty with oil. Easy fix right? Well to get the old seal out (which now im told you...
  2. Burg FS650C Maintenence Help

    Hello SMJ'ers, I have been seriously considering a burg 05-06 burg fs650c for my next bike. I have read that these bikes are reliable but require the proper maintenance in order to do so. I have no problem keeping up with oil changes, filters, valves, the basic stuff. What makes me question...
  3. Wr250x noises?

    Hey guys This might seem like a silly post to some of you, but I figured I might as well ask. My wr250x is coming up on a thousand miles, had it's break in oil changed, and been on a 300 mile road trip. Even now I'm still getting used to the bike. It is my first bike, and because of that I'm...
  4. Swingarm bearing size?

    Was wondering about the inter-changably of the swingarm pivot bearings for different models? I've been looking at part numbers online most of the day and some say the drz sm/e/s all take the same kit, others they aren't the same, and a few say the RM125-250 from 96-03 are the same as the drzsm...