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  1. wr 426 heated grips?

    Street Tarders
    I have a Street legal wr 426 and it is a mad bike. I'm not old enough for a car licence and I use it to commute to work in sometimes -6 Celsius so I was wondering how I can add a set of heated hand grips onto it when the bike has no battery? Where can I find auxiliary power to hook these up? I...
  2. Battery only set up

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I have searched every which way for this topic and cant find any threads pertaining to battery only set ups. I want to get my YZ450f track bike plated for the street. I am going to get a kit (pro cycle,trick, baja designs etc) and run it off a battery only probably tucked in the air box. I...
  3. Strange symtpoms... help diagnose?? DRZ400SM

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Firstly: Before suggesting I use the search engine, I should make clear that I have. Extensively. I am stumped because of the combination of so many strange symptoms, each of which could be attributed to small fixes, but something does not seem right about the way my bike has been acting. So...
  4. Battery Tender for FS 570?

    Hi everyone, I have a brand new (2011) FS 570, it was shipped to me from a dealer out of state. The bike has been sitting for about 6 weeks because I was traveling for work... i had a mechanic come by to inspect everything on the bike, he made some minor adjustments, anyway we tried to start it...
  5. SM610 Husky Not Starting

    I wish riding today and i pulled up to my buddys shop and hung out for a bit. Then i tried to start it up and it turned over like 2 times then made a click noise and now thats all its doing when i try to turn it over. its not the battery i tryed to jump the bike and no lucky. PLEASE HELP. Its...
  6. 01 KTM 250 exc battery troubles

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I am having a minor problem with the battery on my lighting system. I am unfamiliar with these as I rode desert and track and never dealt with lights. I have an 01 250 exc 2-stroke street legal, evrything works fine in the lighting system. all lights function properly. But the lights will not...
  7. Need new battery for my CRF450 -- Anyone running AGM (Glass Mat) Batteries?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Anyone running AGM batteries in their bikes? My CRF battery has crapped out and I need to buy a replacement. Looking into the glass mat AGM batteries - hear they're better, more reliable. I've found they range from $40-$110.. Any review on these? Does quality come with price? Which brand would...
  8. Drz 400sm stator problems

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, i have a couple quick questions about the stators in these bikes, recently i had to purchase a new battery because mine was old and completely died, i used to have to charge it all the time. After i bought the new battery and installed it, jsut after 2 days it was completely dead ( i...