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  1. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Im looking at Avon AM44 Distanzias and the closest size they make is 110/80S-18 (rear) and 90/90-21 (front) Will these tires fit 100/100-18 and 80/100-21 rims?
  2. Bike Parts
    TIRES HAVE BEEN SOLD. Price Reduced - $200 plus shipping I have a set of Avon Distanzia tires to sell. Sizes 160/60-17 and 120/70-17. They are currently mounted on a set of Marchesini wheels I bought, but have never rolled a single revolution on the ground. I will have them professionally...
  3. Bike Parts
    Barely used Warp 9 wheel set with low mile Avon Distanzia's. Black rims, orange hubs, brake rotors, 45t orange KTM sprocket, relocation bracket. Distanzia's maybe have 200 miles on them. Front 120/70R17 Rear 160/60R17. Came off a 2005 450 EXC. Not a scratch on them ready to bolt up. Over...
1-3 of 3 Results