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  1. What gear?

    Street Tarders
    I'm in the market for some quality gear. So far I have a icon variant and just some A* smx-2 air carbon gloves. I'm looking for a jacket, pants, and boots but the choices are just overwhelming. I'm riding like 90% street (commuting, around town) 10% dirt/trails and 0% track. For the jacket I...
  2. Alpinestars SP-1 Leather Suit $500 Size 40 US Only Worn Once!

    Selling my Alpinestars SP-1 One Piece Leather Suit Only wore this suit one time at a track day. Never been down, no scuffs or tears. Size 40 US Size 50 Euro $500 plus shipping
  3. Alpinestars Octane Supermoto Glove Sale

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    A new 2012 version of the Octane Supermoto Gloves gloves is coming out along with a price increase, so the old ones are now on clearance and we have them on sale here:
  4. new Alpinestars

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    Some new stuff coming out from Alpinestars. The Alpinestars GP Tech Air Jacket, is essentially, half an Alpinestars Race Replica Suit.
  5. Alpinestars Vector boots, size?

    Street Tarders
    First post :thumbup: I'm thinking about Alpinestars Vector for street riding. I know it's not the most protective boot but for the streets, I think they will be fine. Some people say you should get a size bigger, I wonder if it's true? It's not possible for me to try them, that's why I need...
  6. Alpinestars Leather Track Pants & Textile Jacket - $185 - Excellent Condition!

    Alpinestars Leather Track Pants & Textile Jacket - $185 - Excellent Condition! Alpinestars 2 Piece Suit Leather Pants & Textile Jacket Excellent Condition! This 2 piece motorcycle suit is in great and clean condition! The leather pants are top notch for protection and the jacket is a...
  7. Tech 7 Replacement sliders

    :hmmm:Hi Does any one know where I can get new sliders for my Alpinestars Tech 7 supermoto boots. I'm in the UK, so would prefer to get them in UK if Possible.:hmmm:
  8. Alpinestars Boot Sale

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    Just now in, price slasherorama. 20% off ALPINESTARS SMX PLUS BOOTS Now, I know what you're thinking, you're thinking but those are Roadrace boots!? ! WTF? Which is true, but a lot of guys, a lot of FAST guys use these in supermoto too due to their...
  9. Alpinestars S1 Suit

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    Just an inventory check for any of you looking at this suit for 2011. All sizes and colors are available currently for the Alpinestars S1 Supermoto Suit, except EURO BLUE 50 and 52. And- Motostrano will beat any price on this suit, including any shipping deals and any "cash back" deals, plus...
  10. Alpinestars leather jackets $200

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    we have some price reductions on alpinestars close-out jackets that are going fast: $200 for a leather jacket from the leading brand in motorcycle apparel ain't bad. joe