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  1. Husquavarna smr 511 akrapovic exhaust

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I've just picked up a full akro pipe for my 2011 smr 511 and I've read some mixed opinions about removal of the o2 sensor can anyone confirm if this is correct? Am I able to remove the o2 sensor and fit the new pipe if my bike is already set as race map 2 or will I still need to flash the cdi?
  2. Akrapovic full system and axle sliders - 07 Husky SMR450R

    Bike Parts
    Akarapovic full race system - titanium - only about 2-3 hours on it Excellent condition = $650 shipped Also, Front and rear axle sliders = $100 shipped Can email pics.. Photobucket won't let me in right now.