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  1. 2014 KTM 500 EXC SuperMoto !

    Project Builds Showcase
    This is my 2014 KTM 500 EXC Supermoto Conversion : So far : Alpina Rims Akrapovic Slip on 525 fork Guards Orange Samco Hoses (Engine Ice) Bullet Proof Design Billet Radiator Cover KTM Gas tank cap vent Custom Rear Taillight GPR Stabalizer Heidenau K73 Super Rain front tire (Lovely...
  2. Best exhaust for Husqvarna SMR 450

    I met with a local supermoto group, all with KTMs, and they all had Akrapovic exhaust!!! Maaan, my Husky was so quiet next to those dragons :lol: So I would like to install an exhaust sometime soon, and I would need your advice on which one would be better for my 2007 Husqvarna SMR 450. From...
  3. Twin Akrapovic Pipes for KTM 450 SMR 2008 - 2010

    Hi, Just a few questions about the dual pipes that you can get for the KTM SMR from Akrapovic, mainly about the headers, I already have the Akrapovic SXS factory headers and single titanium can and have been told that the Twin pipes will fit straight onto the headers i have got, but the headers...
  4. Akra endcap in titanium for Husaberg 570?

    Street Tarders
    Hi! Got an Husaberg 570 -11 with a akrapovic slipon. The endcap is in carbonfibre but it is cracked by previous owner. I rather have an titanium endcap like on the KTM crossers. Does those endcaps fit my one? Anyone that knows? Maybe part no as well? Prefer the type without embossed sections...
  5. Suzuki Drz 400 Street Adrenaline

    Supermoto pics/vids
    found it, on youtube I think its not so bad for the first video ;) good music :cheers:
  6. Evo1/Akrapovic-mappings not yet available for the 2012 690 SMC?

    Hi junkies, I just talked to a dealer here in Sweden regarding mapping of my (soon to be delivered:D) 2012 690 SMC. He told me that they have no evo1/akrapovic-mappings for the 2012's yet, which seems a bit strange since they've been out on the market for a while. Anyone else on this awesome...
  7. DRZ with dual akrapovic / rmz rear

    I turned on photoshop to see how my drz will look with the dual akrapovic and the rear of the RMZ. The only problem i can get up, is the battery. Where did you guys place it after buying duals??
  8. 625 smc DUAL EXHAUST_ Original, Akrapovic or other.

    Hello there, i`m looking for both exhaust for the KTM 625 SMC 2006. I`m looking for a LEFT side Akrapovic exactly, but if not possible i can take both. Thanks!
  9. Akrapovic Exhaust Price Reductions

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    It seems Akrapovic has taken the economy to heart. Today we were notified of some hefty price drops on almost all of their off-road/ supermoto full and slip on exhausts systems (no, we still do not sell KTM exhausts). We're looking at savings of $200-300 on some full exhausts. So, if you thought...