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  1. KTM LC4 Akra Exhaust

    Hey guys, does anyone know if the Akra exhaust for the LC4 is same for all models? I've been searching endlessly for a full system for my 2006 625 smc but they are hard to come by. I'm wondering if any Akra exhaust built for LC4's is interchangeable and essentially the same part. For example...
  2. 690 smc Akra map

    I just bought an 07 690 smc with a custom 2 brothers exhaust setup and i have been having some stalling issues at idle. I have been doing some research on here and it looks like the "Akra map" from the KTM Dealer should fix my problem. I currently live in Hawaii and there is only 1 ktm dealer...
  3. Akrapovic full system and axle sliders - 07 Husky SMR450R

    Bike Parts
    Akarapovic full race system - titanium - only about 2-3 hours on it Excellent condition = $650 shipped Also, Front and rear axle sliders = $100 shipped Can email pics.. Photobucket won't let me in right now.