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  1. Stock air box mod idea

    Pretty sure I've read through every thread on the internet about air induction for 690's and I haven't came across this idea. Does anyone think by adding another K&N panel filter to the stock air box, it will flow as much air to be comparable to a pod filter with the correct velocity stack for...
  2. my ktm 690smc mods and repairs

    08`smc akra cover, foam filter, scorpion exhaust vortex 14000 miles odo,do not eat oil. 2,5k miles ago checked valves, and they were ok 16x42 gearing Recently (around month-two), I began to notice that the reduced power. it may seem to me that, but top speed is also reduced. 118-120 m \ h ->...
  3. Ktm 690 - best Velocity Stack length?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys - looking to mod my air box - I'm going to use the K&N RX-5179 filter (same as EVO2 kit I'm told). I do not want to lose any low end/mid range power - Mid range will be most important to me. Stock bike - But keep in mind I will have Canisterectomy/SAS valve removed, and adding a FMF...
  4. No-Toil Rim Grease Issues

    I've had a No-Toil Super-Flo filter kit installed in my WR250X for about 7K miles now and it has been great. But today, when I went to remove the filter for cleaning, the No-Toil rim grease had literally glued the filter to the rim in the airbox. I pretty much tore the filter to pieces in the...
  5. Airbox Screws Stripped/Spinning

    Hey guys, First post, be gentle. Have what seems to be a pretty common issue with my 610's airbox screws having stripped. Planning to drill them out and replace - but does anyone have any specs/measurements for these other than the standard manf. part numbers...
  6. Observations on Airbox Mod

    About a year ago I installed a PCIII USB, a No-toil Super-Flo Kit, and I removed the hinged airbox lid (not the flapper) entirely. I did do the flapper mod as well in order to reduce weight and clutter. I also installed a water-resistant snowmobile intake cover in the side-panel that goes over...
  7. yamaha xt 225 mods

    hey dudes, my dad recently got a 2005 yamaha xt225 to go trail riding with me and it is a great throw around bike. BUT, i know this may sound dumb, but i need to pump it up a little. any suggestions, open air box, tweak with the carb, ANYTHING TO MAKE IT A LITTLE LESS DOGGY. Again, i know its...