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  1. Got a KTM 640? anyone tried one of these?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Been looking at this for a while? just wondering if anyone here has tried one?
  2. No-Toil Rim Grease Issues

    I've had a No-Toil Super-Flo filter kit installed in my WR250X for about 7K miles now and it has been great. But today, when I went to remove the filter for cleaning, the No-Toil rim grease had literally glued the filter to the rim in the airbox. I pretty much tore the filter to pieces in the...
  3. Which K&N air filter for 2008 610ie? RU-3190 or RU-5006....?

    Wondering what K&N fits better on the IE 610...most posts I see are using carb. models. Any advice would be great, even with those twin filters. Thanks guys.