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  1. new to supermoto

    Street Tarders
    Hi you guys, I am new to the whole supermoto thing and I am ready to start really modding my Honda CRF 230m (I would hardly call it a "super"moto at 14hp). The bike does its job well as a commuter, averaging between 80-85 mpg, but I have recently had to sell my other bikes and I am bored with...
  2. New Forum Member from the UK

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello, I've just joined the forum after finding and reading a thread about stator issues. I have just bought a 2006 YZ450f and I'm planning to road register it and stick some 17" wheels on for SM street riding. I have had a KTM 660 SMC in the past and loved the raw savage power, but got fed...
  3. 2001 drz 400?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I am getting into the dual sport world and would like to know your opinions on the DRZ 400. The bike Im looking at is priced at $3,600 and has 2880 miles on it. How would this bike compare to a wr250x? faster? slower? Is that an ok price for the bike? It seems high to me. What are some of the...
  4. Paging All Veteran Supermoto Riders!

    Alright guys, I'm sure this has been rehashed a lot but I really need some guidance on what bike to get. First off let me say I'm pretty confident in my riding abilities (been riding dirt bikes all my teenage years). What I'm looking for is a street legal Supermoto that's reliable, low(ish)...
  5. Xr250r Street legal

    Street Tarders
    So found the problems to the motor which were the piston rings, gaskets, and valve seals. (Maybe all of them or just a couple) Ordered the parts from bike bandit and they are on their way! Hopefully the parts aren't on back order, unfortunately the site does not say........ I'm dying to ride...
  6. Ktm 690sm Help Please! Opinions and Advice!

    Street Tarders
    New to this supermoto scene but 100% into it. Looking to get a bike soon! Have a couple in mind that were posted in my last post, but for now I just want some pros/cons,reviews, and info from some 07 or newer KTM690sm owners or anything remotely close to that. People say the bike is ugly, but I...
  7. new member from new york

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    hey guys im new to this site and the supermoto world never had a bike for months now been looking and trying to learn what i can true videos and sites like this havent decided yet on a bike but im determined to have one by the end of the year any advice to a newrider. bikes,cc,price ranges etc...
  8. New Gear

    So, I'm looking to get some good, high visibility, water proof, but can still save my skin pants. I've been ridding around in my insulated Carheart coveralls for sometime now and I'm ready to upgrade. Any ideas or particular brands I should check out? I don't need to look like I just walked...
  9. I got rear ended while stopped at a light! Any advice?

    Street Tarders
    Hey guys, thanks for your responses. I apologize for my extreme run on sentances, bad grammar, and overall bad post. My laptop needs a new fan and overheats (even while on a platform with a fan blowing at the bottom) and did so twice after both tries at editing my horrible post so here is a bit...
  10. How to fit a big bore kit! SX 50

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    i want to put a big bore kit on my aprilia, anyone know any links to a tutorial or some help? how hard are they to do? Thanks :anim_peep:
  11. reliability of a 610sm

    so im new to the fourm, and new to a supermoto. i found a husky 610sm. its a 2006 with 7500 miles on it. im not sure how reliable it will be and if it will be able to be my everyday commuter(i dont mind the rough ride that ive heard so much about)? i know it needs its maintenance more than...