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  1. A *Not So Gentle* Safety Reminder About Red Light Runners (From My helmet Camera)

    Street Tarders
    I'll be up front, this happened to me while I was riding my Daytona 675, but only by chance. I split time between the Daytona and my RMX-250 SuMo for commuting about 50/50. It's not graphic but I do use some muffled foul language after the accident. Backstory: I just left the office in...
  2. Near miss!!! Almost roadkill!!

    Street Tarders
    Hey guys, So there I was riding around and enjoying a nice day. I was actually recording a VLOG, when a taxicab almost took me out. In that situation , I don't think I could have really done anything different. I think I made a mistake when I saw the car in front of my not moving, ( that's...
  3. Well I screwed up! Put a hole in my gas tank. 08' DRZ400SM

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    So at some point the previous owner used different bolts to attach the front right fairing on my 2008 DRZ400SM (White). Well when I went to put them back on after working on the bike I mixed them up and put a small hole in the fuel tank where the top bolt goes. Needless to say the bolt was too...
  4. I got rear ended while stopped at a light! Any advice?

    Street Tarders
    Hey guys, thanks for your responses. I apologize for my extreme run on sentances, bad grammar, and overall bad post. My laptop needs a new fan and overheats (even while on a platform with a fan blowing at the bottom) and did so twice after both tries at editing my horrible post so here is a bit...