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  1. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I recently whilst researching the KTM/Husqvarna 690/701 came across some interesting sites links and even better direct factory replacements for £29.97......yep that`s right a spare injector or two for your Xmas stocking 365CC A-TYPE INJECTOR (14-HOLES) (3-INJECTOR) I also came across these guys...
  2. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I just brought my bike in to fit a slipon exhaust / PCV and map it on a dyno but ive read on some places that i need a fuel dongle wich i told to the place where i brought in my bike, but he said that its not needed because i have a PCV and i shouldnt believe everything on the internet... So...
  3. Husqvarna
    So i recently bought some new Pro-Taper clamp on / lock-on grips for my 2016 701. Clutch side fitting was a breeze. Problem i have now, the throttle doesnt fit with the RBW unit, and i can in no way figure it out. Am i being stupid and is there an easy fix, or did i waste my money on the grips.
  4. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hello, my name is Clay and I'm a braapaholic. Just wanted to say hello and thanks, I've been stalking you guys for awhile now gathering information on how to convert my Husqvarna 701 Enduro (which I love) into a Supermoto. With that part complete I'll slowly be putting a few finishing touches on...
  5. General SuperMoto Chat
    Looking at picking up a new 701. Interested to hear your opinions. Good, bad, indifferent, Whats your thoughts?
  6. Husqvarna
    Vitpilen is here! I placed myself on the waiting list for 7999€+VAT Question would be “Should I sell my 2007 SMR450 now? Or wait to get Vitpilen 701 first?” I won’t get more than 3000€ for it, and I could miss it very much if Vitpilen won’t be as nimble as my 450.
  7. Husqvarna
    As with the engine tuning thread. I'd like for this thread to aggregate information about suspension for the 701SM. So far I've gone as far as play around with the clickers, but not much else. In its stock form, the bike can definitely use some help. Some things I'd like to cover: Your...
  8. Husqvarna
    No one is talking about the new Cafe Racer that will be produced by Husqvarna in 2017? Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen
  9. Husqvarna
    Has anyone found any replacements that will fit other than OEM? I ordered replacement Husky parts, but they come with the decals on them. I want plain white fork guards, and looking at my buddies 14 690 Enduro, it doesn't look like I can use those fork guards as a direct replacement.
  10. Husqvarna
    Just read the new 701's are upgraded with 74(!!!) hp and 71nm torque. I think they placed the same engine with 2016's duke. My opinion is going to the ultimate street legal supermoto that comes from factory,for every day use & i believe that only 550 sxv will be able compete with it on the...
  11. Husqvarna
    701SM wheels, tires, brakes, fender eliminator kits, tail tidy kits & newly found OEM New forum to help narrow down some of the current trending topics buried down a little in the other forum posts. This will focus on the 701 Supermoto wheels, wheel graphics, tires, brakes, fender eliminator...
  12. Husqvarna
    This will be a thread to post pics of your new Husky, issues since you bought the bike, component replacements, upgrades, workarounds, OEM tires, ECU changes, upgrades, etc. Tip 1. When you get the cable from your dealer (you shouldn't have to pay for it) there are 3 settings for the ABS. One...
  13. Husqvarna
    I figured I'd break up a few of the new 701 issues. Pre-delivery, getting one from the dealer you put down a deposit for and missing or incorrect parts.
  14. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hey guys, first post here as I just joined the forums so cut me some slack. A quick search didn't really turn up anything about the new 701 Supermoto that's coming state side in March. I just placed my $500 deposit on one at a not so local dealer as nobody close got one. They all ordered a few...
  15. General SuperMoto Chat
    Greetings all, I currently own a KTM 990 sm 09 plate which I've had for two months. Had the 950 supermoto for 6 months before that (got a problem, on my 6th bike at 23, going on 7). My local trusty dealer has just become a husky affiliate and I've been eyeing the 701 for a while now. Really like...
1-15 of 15 Results