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  1. For Sale 2011 Husqvarna SM 630 $7000.00 Obo Unionville, CT

    Mint 2011 Husqvarna SM 630 Supermoto. One owner, Adult owned. 1200 miles. Properly broken in. Oil and filters changed at 600 miles and after the 1100 mile break in period. Valves have been checked and within spec. Never dropped. Not a mark on the bike. White and matte black color scheme...
  2. SM630 coolant leaking after wheelies

    Hey guys, I'm kinda stuck in understanding whats happening with my bike. My 2011 Husqvana SM630 (which is only ~2000mi) is loosing coolant after good wheelie pulls. Just a couple of wheelies makes every hose connection literally bleed with coolant. The weird part of it comes when i keep both...
  3. What Color for My New 630?

    My local dealer has a 630 and I will be pulling the trigger shortly. It is white and I thought I wanted the white till I saw it and was not that impressed. I asked them if they can order one that is primarily black or primarily red. They said they would rather sell me the one they have and...
  4. New member from the Las Vegas, NV area

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    First and formost my name is Daniel and I'm in the USAF stationed currently in Las Vegas, NV and I like casual dining and long walks on the beach..... wait, wrong site for that. I just picked up a '11 Husky SMS 630 from Malcome Smith Motorsports in Riverside, CA on Saturday. Only problem with...