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  1. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi Guys, I just installed a TC-Spec Cam in my 2007 SM610, this new cam has more duration on the inlet and exhaust lobes. The bike seems to go well, but there is a very loud ticking noise from the head. Any ideas to sort this out, or is this normal...
  2. Husqvarna
    Hola everybody I looped the sm610 a while back and broke off the rear brake lever Some searches for the part have come up with nothing so I was wondering if you guys knew any other models that would fit or any places where I could find one? BTW its a 2007 carbed if that changes anything Thanks!
  3. Wanted
    Been lurking SMJ ever since May 2013 when I bought my first supermoto, but have delayed registering...until now! Looking for a 2008-2010 Husqvarna SM 610. There were plenty of them online for sale a month ago but as soon as I sold my previous bike (KTM 690 Duke) all of the Huskies were sold...
  4. General SuperMoto Chat
    I'm after some advice if someone on here could help out in any way it would be much appreciated. Looking at getting either husky 610 sm or ktm 620/640 sm, Iv seen a husky in London(2007 model sm) it has 5400miles on the clock but has no stamps in the book, the guy says he has done the oil and...
  5. Wanted
    Hi, folks! I`m looking for new camshaft for my 2006 610sm electric start Husky. Your suggestions)
  6. Bikes
    Sold!! Sold!! Sold!!
  7. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I bought a Husky a few months ago and have been thoroughly been enjoying it in the time i have owned this wonderful machine. *note, if not looking at how to do this yourself, just skip to the pictures* I am a college student and haven't been working much because my place of employment caught...
  8. Bikes
    Hey guys, It has 1100 miles. I did the first oil change on it around 500mi and have a bunch of filters for following changes that you can have. I bought it new in 6/2010 for $7200 at BMW/Husky Atlanta. It's never been abused, raced, or dropped (except as i was holding it one day not moving and...
  9. Husqvarna
    Wondering what K&N fits better on the IE 610...most posts I see are using carb. models. Any advice would be great, even with those twin filters. Thanks guys.
  10. General SuperMoto Chat
    so i finally managed to upload some pics of my sumo. Now its to get opinions from you fantastic people on here regarding engine / body mods that take little work (no subframe changes for example:lol:). I have given up trying to upload pics on to the thread so for loads of pics of the beast you...
1-10 of 10 Results