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  1. 2006 250sxf Frame VS 2006 560smr frame(are they the same?)

    General Mini Chat
    i have a 2006 560smr with no title, its not stolen(at least i hope because I've had it for a while). I want to street legal it but can't without a title, i found a good price on a titled 2006 sxf250 frame but I'm not sure if that would swap over.....any suggestions? it too much work to...
  2. 2008 250XCF 27.2 hrs Trade for Motard TENNESSEE

    I have a 2008 250 XCF with GPR dampner and hard parts skid plate. Purchased new. Bike is in mint condition, original tires, brakes, chain and sprockets ect. Looking to trade for a nice street legal supermoto. Email me pics with offers. [email protected] Thanks. Bike is in middle TN.