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  1. Bike Parts
    I am located in Bay City, WI this shock came off a 06 KTM 560smr with less than ten hrs on it .. It is in perfect condition and is complete with spring. 240$ shipped in usa with tracking Pay Pal only no international shipping Here are some pictures thanks kurt call if...
  2. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I just bought a 560 SMR and plan to remove the crank and get it welded and balanced. The problem is i dont know any companies that do this. So, What is a good KTM shop that i could get my crank welded/balanced? Preferably if someone could suggest a company that they personally had good...
  3. Bikes
    I bought this bike 4 years ago and have ridden it 2-3 times a year. I've ridden in once in the last 12 months. Since the kids have gotten old enough to race harescrambles with me, I rarely get out by myself on the SMR anymore. The bike is in good shape and fully prepped for the track. The...
  4. Bike Parts
    • 2007 SMR 560 Front #Plate $10 each • 2007 SMR 560 Exhaust Pipe $50 • 2007 SMR H&H Graphics Kit $50
  5. Wanted
    Looking for a front rim for a 2007 KTM SMR 560 it is a 17 x 3.5 e-mail me with what you have thank you [email protected]
  6. Street Tarders
    Hey i have a ktm 560smr that has been converted to street and currently gets a spark like 1 in 100 kicks.. very frustrating. i sent the stator and flywheel back to trailtech where i bought them and they checked out fine. I have a spare ignition coil and a spare pick up unit that both measure...
1-6 of 7 Results