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  1. Removing emissions control devices from ktm

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey all I have a 2006 ktm 525 exc I'd like to race in super moto. I'm told their is a number of restrictions and sensors for emissions that would impede performance for racing. Before I tear the bike down looking for them does someone happen to know where they would be that would be appreciated...
  2. KTM 525 extreme makeover

    Project Builds Showcase
    After almost a year time of reading and searching for info about the SM world, finally bought my KTM 525 last December. It was quite beated up but, since the whole idea was to give it a full makeover, it was an advantage because it got me a lower price. Here's what I've done to it... When I got...
  3. 2003 KTM 525SX Supermoto Build

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hey guys, This is gonna be a longer term project rather than my normal quickies. I have been wanting a proper SM bike for ages, and finally got my hands on a good start. A wicked KTM 525. This thing is stupid fast, and slowly I will get it plated and street legal. Majority of vids and...
  4. WTB: 2007 or Newer KTM 450/525/530ECX

    Looking to buy a KTM preferably 525 or 530 EXC 2007 or newer. I have owned one before and regret selling it. Not opposed to super moto set up but need dirt set up too. (no warp 9 wheels excel only) Needs to be in clean condition well maintained. Stock motor no bored out race bikes. I am in El...
  5. Ktm CA street title needed...

    I am looking for a California street title for a KTM. Or a wrecked KTM with a street title. I doing care if its a salvage bike, just a frame or anything like that. Thanks
  6. 04 KTM 525 street legal

    04 ktm 525sx conversion, -DNA wheel Michelin pilot powers -all ktm exc lighting -06 plastics -trailtech stator -trailtech speedo -powder coated frame and swingarm MOTOR -DJH bottom end -welded crank -port and polished head -high comp JE piston (calico) coated skirts) -exc 6 speed trans. all...
  7. 04 ktm 525sx vs exc

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys i've had a quick look at another thread that compared the two bikes but slightly different situation to me. I will be using one of these bikes for a race bike and in NZ we only race on a full circuit with no dirt section. The sx im looking at comes with a 6 speed box but other than that...
  8. 05 KTM 525 SMR ocoee fl

    This Bike has under 50 HRS. Full fmf titanium exhaust. And is in mint condition. Motor and frame have been blacked out. Ready for the track or to make street legal, all you need is lights. Baja design makes the kit that will hook right up. Between school, work and a pregnant wife I just dont...