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  1. Electric start problem Husky SM 510

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
  2. 2010 510SMR turn signal wiring help

    Hey everyone, so I had a question about making sure I am wiring the turn signals on my bike correctly. I just bought some aftermarket turn signals (Jupiter LED) and can't figure out what wires go with what. On my husky, the wires are blue and light blue. On the signals the wires are black and...
  3. WTB: 08 510 Smr parts

    I'm looking for aftermarket parts and some stock ones as well. Stock riser insert and bolts and a stock link for the rear shock to swingarm. Aftermarkets : just about any, sliders , pcv w auto tune, stabilizer under bar or over, shark fins, radiator guards, plastics graphics, ims tank, billet...
  4. 05 te510 into supermoto help!

    hi guys ive been looking around for my anwsers but to no luck, converting my 05 te510 to an smr already have supermoto wheels on but what is the difernce apart from the 4 pot front and shorter swing arm? linkages/shock/forks for example? also to add the front tyre/wheel seems to of rubbed the...
  5. 510 SMR headlight on SM 610

    I'm looking to put the headlight (& front fender) from a 510 SMR onto my SM 610. I can't see any problems with the fender, if it doesn't fit, I'll just sell it on. However the headlight can be made to fit, but from some searching, it seems that it is weaker than that of the 610. Has anyone...
  6. FS: 2009 Husky SM510R in Pittsburgh, PA

    Up for sale is my 2009 Husqvarna SM510R. Bought it new in August 2009 from Motohio in Columbus, OH. Oil change at 200 mi, 600 mi, and again at 800 while in for it's first full scheduled service done by Motohio. (This service was everything listed in the Husky service manual. Valves checked...
  7. Barely legal

    Sorry for the misleading title :sucks: Long time reader - first time poster on this forum :hello: I bought a sm510 '09 back when it was brand spanking new in 2009. It was my first bike ever with no experience riding anything motorized with two wheels. For the last two seasons I rode the bike...
  8. Please help! I cant decied on my own!!!

    so ive been wanting to get a sumo for a long time now and i will be ready to make my prchanse in Jan 11'. The only problem is every day i am bounceing back and forth between the Husky 510 smr 09' or an 09' drz-400. i am willing to dump about 7k into the bike so if i get the drz it will be for...