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  1. Supermoto pics/vids
    "Homemade Swivel Mount & Linkin Park Dubstep in the Swedish Summer Sunset" Managed to get a clip together again despite having injury and a shitty bike against me! :D
  2. Supermoto pics/vids
    My little contribution to the competition. Not entirely pleased since I only had GoPro-footage to work with but oh well I think most of you will find it entertaining nevertheless! ;) btw I really hope stupid crashes give bonus points! :rofl: (Vimeo-version:
  3. Supermoto pics/vids
    Hey guys! I don't think anyone missed that launched a video stunt competition a few weeks back. Cool idea and awesome initative, thanks Ryan! :thumbup: Hope to see lots of entries! Anyways, one of the guys riding here in my hometown, Josef, entered the competition and since he's not...
1-3 of 3 Results