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  1. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    The exhaust that comes stock on the 450 smr says exc racing. So my question is does the 07 450 exc slip on fit onto the 07 450 smr? If not does anyone know what exhaust do fit on the smr?
  2. KTM
    I have been looking for skid plates that will fit on the 450 smr but haven't had any luck finding one. I know a lot of parts from a 2007 ktm 450 exc match up with the 450 smr but I am not one hundred percent sure a skid plate would. If anyone has any insight I'd really appreciate it!:rolleyes:
  3. Bikes
    I have a 2008 250 XCF with GPR dampner and hard parts skid plate. Purchased new. Bike is in mint condition, original tires, brakes, chain and sprockets ect. Looking to trade for a nice street legal supermoto. Email me pics with offers. [email protected] Thanks. Bike is in middle TN.
  4. Husqvarna
    I'm new to super Motos, and have never owned one I've had many street bikes and dirt bikes, later today I'm Going to look at an 09 husqvarna 450smr the pics I've seen make it look clean I need to know I there's anything that I should take a look at or make sure I do before purchasing all advice...
1-4 of 4 Results