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  1. 2003 crf450r supermoto build. Need input what best mods??

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    I have a 2003 crf450r sm that's already supermoto out. I am a advide road racer I normally ride a 02 cbr954rr on the track band just now getting into supermoto and love it. It's great. Would like some input on making what I have better all and any info would be great. I also have enduro bikes...
  2. Need 04-honda crf450r engine

    I am in need of a crf450r motor for my SM.. im not 100% sure what years will work in my 2004 crf450r bike if anyone has info on the years or a motor i would like to know ASAP thanks..
  3. Sold

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    Hey, Here we have an STM Slipper Clutch that fits 02-08 Honda CRF450R and possibly CRF450X but I'm not sure. I ran this in my bike for a year, did about five races, and roughly fifteen practice days. It's still in great shape with nothing broken. $525 Shipped to the Con US.
  4. Street Legal CRF450R Build

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    Hey guys, this is my first post... been a lurker for a while now and now that my build is finally getting close to being usable soon, so i thought I'd start a thread now and have it be active as opposed to a long lived and barely living thread. So after graduating high school, my dad sold my...
  5. 2009 Honda CRF450R Supermoto F/S

    Selling my practically new supermoto. I have ridden it twice: 3 times at a CMRA race weekend in Cresson Texas in August and once at a Track day in Hallett. Asking $10,500 OBO. Reason for selling: Cuz I can't make my mind up. :) Me and some local racing buddies are going to big bike endurance, so...