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  1. ok klx351 guys i need your help badly

    Well the time has come, i need more oomph on my bike...i was considering a trade for a drz, but it felt heavy and poorly made, then i looked at the yamaha, but dont feel like spending the now im thinking 351 kit....whats the peppy level? Some people say that its not worth it, but...
  2. Kustom Kraft vs. B & B Cycles

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi, I have a klx250, and was wondering what the difference between the two companies is. Kustom offers a 330 for about $800, while B & B offers a 351 for around $550. But heres what i dont understand at all, Kustom says there kit makes 35+ HP. While B & B says there 351 makes 26hp???? What? And...