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  1. Wr250x MotoMaster Rotor and Caliper w/ new pads ALL UNOPENED 700$

    Bike Parts
    hey im selling the Moto master 320mm race rotor brand new unopened, Motomaster Caliper Brand new unopened with race brake pads un-used in package for 700$ shipped let me know im opened for trades and offers.
  2. INTERWEBZ PRICING ERROR!! $100!!! 93-09 XR650L EBC Sumo Brake Rotors

    Street Tarders
    I've got 4 brand new factory sealed sets. I'm entertaining all offers over $100, shipped. NO joke! I don't wanna be greedy, just wanna spread the SMJ love!! Oversize rotor kits give your SuperMoto bike the competitive edge Rotor material has higher friction than plain stainless steel for...