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  1. Wanted
    Hello Looking for a whole engine or set of crankcases for 14/15 YZ450F. Dead or alive. Not fussed if a rod, crank or gearbox has failed in them. Let me know if you have something available Cheers
  2. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi all, I'm about to embark on a SuMo conversion for my '15 WR450 and had a few questions for the Yamaha experts -- Wheels: After reading and re-reading previous posts, it seems that 2012+ WRF450 models had improved rear wheel clearance. Did anybody with 2012+ encounter any chain rub / exhaust...
  3. Florida Supermoto - SouthEast
    Meanwhile we are getting ready for Orlando race on Oct. 18th, these are the tracks we are thinking for the 2015 State Championship: -Daytona -Palm Beach -Orlando -Georgia or West Coast area -Sebring or West Coast area -Orlando -Tallahassee -Palm Beach Eight rounds beginning early March and...
1-3 of 3 Results