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  1. anyone have the 2012 crf450r manual or service manual PDF

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I just bought a 2012 crf450r and the owner did not include a manual. I was wondering if anyone had a pdf version since all the ones online dont actually match the bikes engine.
  2. 2012 wr450 riding video

    Street Tarders
    Hope yall enjoy :)
  3. 2012 690 duke exhaust options!!

    Wondering what you guys have done exhaust wise and what have the results been? I'd like am underbelly system but after lots of research it's looking like that could be a while off as I'm not paying £1000 for the remus system and that's about it atm so I'm wondering what other options there are...
  4. Evo1/Akrapovic-mappings not yet available for the 2012 690 SMC?

    Hi junkies, I just talked to a dealer here in Sweden regarding mapping of my (soon to be delivered:D) 2012 690 SMC. He told me that they have no evo1/akrapovic-mappings for the 2012's yet, which seems a bit strange since they've been out on the market for a while. Anyone else on this awesome...
  5. STTARS 2012 Supermoto Series

    SuperTT Forum -Southern California
    Thought I would post the schedule for Don from his handout at awards check for any updates Look forward to a great 2012 season! 2012 STTARS Supermoto Series Mar 31-Apr 1 Grange Motor Circuit April 28-29 Horse Thief Mile (Corsa Moto Classica Vintage Weekend) May 19-20 Apex...